War and Words



WAR AND WORDS: The Northern Ireland Media Reader

edited by Bill Rolston and David Miller

This book brings together the best commentaries on media coverage of the Irish conflict over the last twenty-five years. It includes contributions by Roger Bolton, Duncan Campbell, Rex Cathcart, Liz Curtis, Philip Elliot, Robert Fisk, Paul Foot, Richard Francis, Simon Hoggart, Jack Holland, Michael Leapman, Greg McLaughlin, David Miller, Graham Murdock, Betty Purcell, Bill Rolston, Philip Schlesinger, Anthony Smith and Peter Taylor This book is an indispensable resource for those interested in the representation and management of the conflict in the North of Ireland.

450pp. 156 x 234mm. ISBN 1 900960 00 1 Price £12.95Published by Beyond the Pale

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Extracts from reviews

A valuable and much needed resource... Miller's work has made a significant contribution both to research on the media and Northern Ireland and to the broader field of sociology of the news media... [War and Words] underplays his... contribution to the field of study. (Irish Journal of Sociology, Vol. 7, 1997: 167-171).

A book of this sort addresses many needs... and it is only to be expected that there will be a variety both of style and form. What is unexpected is the editorial coherence given to such disparate articles and essays. this is achieved in part by the excellent introductions provided for the five sections... the ordering of the articles and the sense this conveys of either historical or analytical progression contributes to a wholeness rare in most 'readers' (Race and Class, 39(3), 1998: 108).

Miller's position advances considerably... upon earlier studies of media-source dependencies (Critical Studies in Mass Communication, September 1997: 290).