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The Guardian (London)

September 5, 1998

SECTION: The Guardian Features Page; Pg. 20

LENGTH: 136 words

HEADLINE: Letter: TV needs more control



YOU report that paedophiles are now using the most sophisticated communications technology to exchange pornographic images and engage in abuse (Worldwide child porn ring shocks police, September 3). On the previous day, the ITC quotes its own report as suggesting that in the new media environment "the need for regulation appears to be less".

What is the ITC's evidence for this? Our own research suggests exactly the opposite. The deregulation of television has now produced criticism about fake programmes and declining quality. The decline in standards is generated by a mixture of corporate desire for ratings at the cheapest price and the pressure on small production companies to deliver the goods.

Greg Philo.

Glasgow Media Unit.

David Miller.

Stirling Media Research Institute.