Tell Me Lies

'If you suspect that the media have not told you the full truth about the Iraq War, read this book. It is a revelation.' Professor James Curran, Goldsmiths College, University of London
TELL ME LIES: Propaganda and Media Distortion in the Attack on Iraq

Edited by David MillerForeword by Mark Thomas

Did the US and UK governments lie about weapons of mass destruction to promote an attack on Iraq?
Did the media hold them to account or act as cheerleaders for war?

Tell me Lies reveals the systematic propaganda used by both the US and UK governments to convince us of the 'threat' from Iraq. It shows how we were deliberately misled into a war that has resulted in a humanitarian disaster in Iraq and threatens to create further instability and resentment of the US and UK throughout the Middle East.

Written by some of the world's leading journalists and commentators, it's a scathing indictment of the role of the mainstream media in legitimising government actions and undermining dissent. Critics, activists and journalists from both sides of the Atlantic explore alternatives such as the internet and Al Jazeera and provide analysis and guidance on resisting the media war.

ISBN 0-7453-2201-8 PLUTO PRESS

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'a fabulous book' Danny Schechter, Media Channel, USA

'Beneath the smokescreen of New Labour's war on the BBC's supposed bias lies the fact that for the most part the media played a vital role in promoting the US and UK governments' war aims in Iraq. From the careful orchestration of the toppling of Saddam's statue (with US army equipment) to the close identification of "embedded" war correspondents with the military machine itself, the overlapping of media and military reached new heights. This excellent collection of essays lays bare the role of what US military planners like to describe as "soft power". With pieces from a host of writers and activists including John Pilger, Mark Steel, Robert Fisk, Noam Chomsky, Phillip Knightley and Mark Curtis, this book makes a devastating case against war and the failure of much of the media to seriously question it. Very useful reading.' Mark Thomas, Bookmarks, UK

'An outstanding new book' ColdType, Canada

'often entertaining and always informative... challenges journalists to look closely at the role we play inreporting war.' Tim Lezard, The Journalist, UK

There is no flim-flam or pseudo-academic media analysis bullshit in Tell Me Lies. This book is a forensic and passionate dissection of the propaganda and media distortion used to justify the war on Iraq... Tell me lies is a breath of fresh air in media analysis. It's about changing things. It's for activists not anoraks. Mick Gosling, Free Press, UK

This excellent book lifts the lid on the huge sums the British and US governments spent to generate popular support for their illegal war in Iraq and the way a pliant mass media helped achieve their aims. Labour Left Briefing

Tell Me Lies: Propaganda and Media Distortion in the Attack on Iraq couldn't have come at a better time. It is a timely reminder that the media, far from being anti-war, in the main colluded with the government in its propaganda war during the invasion of Iraq. Shabnam Yazdi, Socialist Review, UK

Read this book and become one of the informed objectors; it is the key to ensuring that this doesn't happen again. Robin McAlpine, Scottish Left Review, Scotland

In this fine anthology the authors dismantle the lies used to sell the recent invasion and occupation of Iraq... Whether the methods of propaganda and the methods of warfare used in this invasion and occupation can be used to mount further wars will depend on the resistance in Iraq and internationally. Tell me Lies makes an important contribution to understanding the challenges we face in doing so. Anthony Arnove, Red Pepper, UK

Table of Contents

Foreword (Mark Thomas)
Introduction (David Miller)
Part 1 The Media War
1. John Pilger: A great betrayal
2. John Pilger: The lies of old
3. John Pilger:The case for civil disobedience
4. John Pilger: Crime against humanity
5. John Pilger: The unthinkable is becoming normal
Part 2 Propaganda Wars
6. Laura Miller, John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton: War is sell
7. Nancy Snow: Brainscrubbing: The Failures of U.S. Public Diplomacy After 9/11
8. Des Freedman: Misreporting war has a long history
9. Mark Curtis: Psychological warfare against the public: Iraq and beyond
10. David Miller: The Propaganda Machine
11. Philip Knightley: History or bunkum?
12. Stephen Dorril: Spies and lies
13. Andy Rowell: No Blood for oil?
Part 3 Misreporting war
14. Mark Steel: The minute it?s made up, you?ll hear about it.
15. Justin Lewis and Rod Brookes: Reporting the war on British television
16. Doug Kellner: 9/11, Spectacles of Terror, and Media Manipulation
17. Norman Solomon: 'Look, I'm An American'
18. Julian Petley: 'Let the Atrocious Images Haunt Us'
19. Ed Herman: Normalising aggression
20. Patricia Holland Little Ali and other rescued children
21. Granville Williams: Watchdogs or Lapdogs?
22. Abdul Hadi Jiad: The BBC: A personal account
23. David Cromwell and David Edwards: Mass Deception: How The Media Helped The Government Deceive The People
24. Robert Fisk: Covering the Middle East
25. Tim Llewellyn: Why the BBC ducks the Palestinian story
26. Greg Philo and Maureen Gilmour: Black holes of history
Part 4 Alternatives
27. Faisal Bodi: Al Jazeera's war
28. Tim Gopsill: Target the media
29. Yvonne Ridley: Turning my back on the mainstream
30. David Crouch: Working in and against the system
31. Alistair Alexander: Disruptive Technology: Iraq and the Internet
32. Noam Chomsky interviewed by Matthew Tempest: The anti-war movement


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Reviews, discussions and articles by contributors

David Miller 'In and out of the mainstream' Red Pepper, July 2004,

'Media accused of Iraq bias' By Roshan Muhammed Salih, Aljazeera.Net Monday 28 June 2004, 3:41 Makka Time, 0:41 GMT

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Media Apologies? by David Miller, ZNet, June 15, 2004,

Book Review Tell Me Lies: Propaganda and Media Distortion in the Attack on Iraq By David Miller (editor), Pluto Press, 2004, 310 pp. List: $19.95; AET: $14.50.Reviewed by Paul de Rooij Washington Report on Middle East Affairs June 2004, page 88

Book review: Tell me lies: Propaganda and Media Distortion in the Attack on Iraq, David Miller (ed.), Pluto Press, 2004. by Paul de Rooij, Dissident Voice, May 24, 2004

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David Miller interviewed on the conflict betweeen the Daily Mirror and the government, 'Newsline', Radio Netherlands Worldservice, 14 May 2004, 11.00 GMT.

David Miller three way discussion on Values Added, Radio Scotland, 10.30-11.00 and 17.30-18.00, Sunday May 9 2004.

David Miller interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland's 'Politics Tonight', Friday 7 May,

'Al-Jazeera tones down 'violent' images', Claire Cozens The Guardian, Friday April 30, 2004 8am 'Staff at al-Jazeera have been ordered to tone down "excessive violence" in their coverage of Iraq, sparking fears that the Arab satellite channel's senior editors are softening in their determination to resist pressure from the US government. .... David Miller, the editor of Tell Me Lies: Propaganda and Media Distortion in the Attack on Iraq, said the US military and government had made it plain that they saw al-Jazeera as part of the problem in Iraq. "Colin Powell's visit to Doha and the pressure being put on the Qatari government is one part of a pincer movement. The other is visible in Falluja, where the US required the single journalist inside the city [from al-Jazeera] to leave as part of its ceasefire terms," he said. "It is plain that the disquiet inside al-Jazeera relates in part to the pressure from management to tone down coverage seen as anti-American. The fact that this memo was leaked indicates the huge pressure under which al Jazeera is operating and is a symptom of the attempts by the US to destroy independent reporting on Iraq.",7493,1206276,00.html

Caught In The Matrix: Lies & Distortion In The Search For Truth, ColdType, 29 April 2004, "Political debate in the mainstream in the US and UK increasingly resembles the dystopian vision encapsulated in the film the Matrix. Here the reality of human bondage to the system is disguised by a sophisticated virtual reality the matrix from which it is difficult, to break free. In matrix world, Iraq had and may still have Weapons of Mass Destruction. In the real world it did not. In matrix world there were links between Iraq and Al- Qaeda. In the real world there were not. . ." Download David Miller's 14-page essay at:

Monday, 26 April 2004, 2:57 pm Opinion: David Miller 'Caught in the Matrix' Scoop, 'Political debate in the mainstream in the US and UK increasingly resembles the dystopian vision encapsulated in the film the Matrix. Here the reality of human bondage to the system is disguised by a sophisticated virtual reality 'the matrix' from which it is difficult, to break free...'

David Miller interviewed on Radio Clyde, Glasgow about Tell me Lies, Sunday 25 April.

Book review: Tell me lies, David Miller (ed.), Pluto Press, 2004. by Paul de Rooij in Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, May 2004

Book review: Tell me lies, David Miller (ed.), Pluto Press, 2004. by Paul de Rooij April 23, 2004

BBC cuts back Iraq staff Guardian - UK 23 April 2004 ... David Miller, the editor of Tell Me Lies: Propaganda and Media Distortion in the Attack on Iraq, accused the corporation of being over-reliant on the accounts ...,2763,1201992,00.html

The Spinning Grounds Guerilla News NetworkÊ-ÊApr 15, 2004 ... David Miller's description of an unquestioning media during the run-up and early days of the war in the introduction to, "Tell me lies: Propaganda and Media ...

Can Team Bush's marketing machine possibly spin the current crisis into an upbeat media moment? by Bill Berkowitz Dissident Voice,ÊUnited StatesÊ-ÊApr 15, 2004 ... David Miller's description of an unquestioning media during the run-up and early days of the war in the introduction to, "Tell me lies: Propaganda and Media ...

THE spinning grounds Working for Change - San Francisco,CA,USA Apr 14, 2004... David Miller's description of an unquestioning media during the run-up and early days of the war in the introduction to, "Tell me lies: Propaganda and Media ...

THE Spinning Grounds AlterNet - USA Apr 9, 2004... David Miller's description of an unquestioning media during the run-up and early days of the war in the introduction to "Tell me lies: Propaganda and Media ...

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Redeye - 3 hours of alternative politics and culture by Co-op Radio, CFRO, 102.7 fm ¥ Saturday March 13, 2004 at 09:40 AM Propaganda & Media Distortion in the War on Iraq / 9:05 We'll speak with David Miller, editor of "Tell Me Lies: Propaganda & Media Distortion in the War on Iraq", about his book.

Hoon's pledge masks Don Corleone approach: The Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon, has warned journalists that their safety in war zones could depend on the content of their reports.NUJ Glasgow Branch, 12 March 2004

Review of Tell Me Lies, by Khaled Hroub, Al Jazeera, 4 March 2004,(in Arabic)


Gwyn Griffiths `recommends a book that exposes the mainstream media`s complicity in war propaganda`, Tell me lies, edited by David Miller (Pluto Press, £12.99) in Morning Star 1 March 2004 p9.

'Joker in the Press Pack' Book Review by Shabnam Yazdi, March 2004 Review of 'Tell Me Lies', editor David Miller, Pluto £12.99 Socialist Review, March 2004

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Arab Media Watch event "Tell Me Lies" a great success Posted on Tuesday, February 24 @ 02:22:29 GMT

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CORPORATE COVERAGE - ISRAEL, PALESTINE AND THE BBC, By Former BBC Middle East Correspondent, Tim Llewellyn, Corporate Watch, NEWS February 18th 2004

LEEDS: Public meeting (12 Feb): Tell Me Lies plus the Hutton whitewash. Priestley Room, West Yorkshire Playhouse 7.30pm Thursday 12 February 2004 Speakers: Stephen Dorril (author of MI6: Sixty Years of Special Operations) Professor Paul Rogers Granville Williams, editor Free Press, Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom Meeting organised by Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom and National Union of Journalists (Leeds Branch) Meeting report

The BBC and the Quiet Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians By Paul de Rooij

Sat. Feb 7, 2004, 10:05-10:30 interview with David Miller, editor of "Tell Me Lies: Propaganda & Media Distortion", about Blair, the Hutton Report, BBC, and the missing WMD. Redeye program by Vancouver Co-op Radio 102.7 fm ¥ 3 hours of alternative politics and culture, community announcements and listener call in Listen online:

Why the BBC Ducks the Palestinian Story Tim Llewellyn, The Electronic Intifada, 6 February 2004

David Miller interview on the Hutton Report on Counterspin: THE NEWS BEHIND THE HEADLINES, 6 February 2004, Listen online via:

Review, Socialist Standard Journal of the Socialist Party, February 2004

book review: Tell Me Lies: Propaganda and Media Distortion in the Attack on Iraq, ed David Miller (Pluto Press £12.99) Free Press, No. 138, February 2004, by Mick Gosling

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Q: AGAIN? A: YES, AGAIN! By Danny Schechter, The News Dissector,, 3 February 2004,

Good Morning Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland, 08.15am David Miller interviewed about the Hutton inquiry and the BBC in the context of BBC Scotland's refusal to hand over tapes to the Holyrood Inquiry.

Monday, 2 February 2004, 12:31 pm Opinion: David Miller Phillis Report Signals End Of UK Public Service Information, Scoop,

Monday, 2 February 2004, 12:31 pm Opinion: David Miller Hutton Whitewash Leaves Blair In Dock. Scoop

Domingo, 1 de Fevereiro de 2004 Gerais Media 30-01-2004 - 15h34 Livro que conta experi?ncia de alguns reporteres Iraque: jornalistas "embedded" funcionaram como "cheerleaders" Reuters, Publico - In Portuguese,

'Periodistas empotrados' afectaron a la cobertura en Irak, según un libro Grandes sectores de los principales medios de comunicación estuvieron demasiado cerca del Ejército en Irak y como resultado de ello hicieron una cobertura "entusiasta" que careció de credibilidad, de acuerdo con un libro publicado esta semana. Sábado, 31 enero 2004 IBLNEWS, AGENCIAS

'Periodistas empotrados' afectaron a cobertura en Irak - libro /Por Kate Holton/ LONDRES (Reuters) Especiales Yahoo! 31 de enero de 2004, 15h10

30 Jan 2004 18:53 'Periodistas acompañantes' afectaron cobertura en Irak : libro Por Kate Holton Reuters.

"Embedding" hampered Iraq media independence Fri 30 January, 2004 15:03 By Kate Holton LONDON (Reuters)

January 30, 2004 'Deception with a Purpose: Hutton Whitewash Leaves Blair in the Dock' By DAVID MILLER, Counterpunch Republished by ColdType:

David Miller interview on Iraq, Hutton and democracy on 'Regime Change Radio',30 January, heard Thurs. at 5PM on CT FM 91.7 WHUS, a commercial-free college and community-based radio station broadcasting from the University of Connecticut. Listen at: Transcript at:

David Miller, guest on the Media Review on Hutton and the BBC , BBC Radio Foyle, Friday 30 January 0900-0930.

Book Launch Pluto Press is delighted to invite you to the launch of the brand new book edited by David Miller. Special guest speakers include Mark Curtis, Abdul Hadi Jiad, David Miller and Phillip Knightley. A question & answer session will follow involving further contributors including John Pilger, David Crouch, and Des Freedman. The meeting will be chaired by Lindsey German of the Stop the War Coalition. Join us for drinks at the NUJ HQ Thursday 29th January 2004, 6.30pm (for 7pm) Headland House, 308 - 312 Gray's Inn Road, London, WC1 Tube: King's Cross

David Miller, interview on Al Jazeera book review programme on Tell me Lies, Thursday 29 January.

David Miller, interview on Good Morning Scotland about Hutton and the BBC, BBC Radio Scotland, 0800, 30 January 2004.

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Review: Tell Me Lies By Mick Gosling, Chair Press and PR Branch NUJ, 16 January 2004

WHY THE BBC DUCKS THE PALESTINIAN STORY By Tim Llewellyn, Former BBC Middle East Correspondent, Propaganda, Politics, Power ISSN 1741-0754 Volume 2: 15-24 ~ 15 January 2004

The Pentagon's solution to criticism: blow up hostile media The US considered the control of information -- from both friend and foe -- during the Iraq war to be as important as any specifically military strategy By David Miller Taipei Times 13 January 2004,

Common Dreams News Center, Friday, January 09, 2004, Featured Views 'The Domination Effect' by David Miller

'The domination effect' David Miller The Guardian Thursday January 8, 2004,,3604,1118096,00.html

Their Media War and Ours in 2004 A Call to Educate, Organize and Mobilize By Danny Schechter, The News Dissector,, 7 January 2004

Information Dominance: The Philosophy Of Total Propaganda Control? By David Miller, ColdType, 6 January 2004

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Information Dominance: The Philosophy Of Total Propaganda Control? By David Miller Monday, 29 December 2003, 3:17 pm Scoop,

Tell Me Lies By David Miller, December 2003

Doug Kellner, 9/11, Spectacles of Terror, and Media Manipulation: A Critique of Jihadist and Bush Media Politics, Extended version of article in Tell me lies

CLAIRE GARDNER "MTV generation's 'black holes of history' blamed on Hollywood" Scotland on sunday, 8 December 2003,

Extract: 'Psychological warfare against the public: Iraq and beyond' by Mark Curtis,

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David Miller 'Propaganda and the War on terror' address to 'Meeting of Minds: Comparing Migrant Experiences across ethnic groups', organised by the Women on Ireland Research Network, London Irish Centre, Camden, 22 November 2003.

Danny Schechter, | News Dissector Web Log, NOVEMBER 21: ABC DOES DALLAS, JFK DIES AGAIN

'Lies Propaganda & Media Distortion in Iraq' Extracted from… "Tell Me Lies: Propaganda & Media Distortion in the Attack on Iraq" Edited by David Miller, published by Pluto Press. smutraker November 20, 2003

David Miller, interview and phone in hosted by Joy Cardin, Wisconsin Public Radio, Madison Wisconsin, 6AM Central time 20 November 2003, .

'Lies Propaganda & Media Distortion in Iraq' Wednesday, 19 November 2003, 1:12 pm Opinion: David Miller Scoop

David Miller interview with Gianna Pontecorboli of Sviluppo Quotidianni, for Italian language regional press in Italy and Switzerland, 18 November 2003, PER GLI ESTERI "Bush vuole una foto come quella che ebbe Ronald Reagan, a cavallo accanto alla regina, da vendere bene ai suoi elettori. Ma questa volta difficilmente l'avra". A prevederlo, giusto allÕinizio della visita di George Bush a Londra, e' David Miller, membro del Stirling Silver Research Institute di Londra. Miller, che e' stato uno dei redattori di "Tell me lies:propaganda and media distortion in the attack on Irak", un critico rapporto che sta per essere reso pubblico, si aspetta invece che la protesta cresca ancora.

Gianna Pontecorboli, Mercoled, 19 Novembre 2003 NEW YORK - 'Bush vuole una foto ... ' Gazzettino

David Hencke and Andy Rowell, 'Battle the MoD lost: papers reveal failed bid to sway opinion on Iraq' Wednesday November 19, 2003 The Guardian,7495,1088254,00.html

WSIS Vol.1: Behind the Great Wall by Alistair Alexander. Hailed as the first UN world conference to incorporate a 'multi-stakeholder' approach, the World Summit on the Information Society completed its first phase last December. Alistair Alexander looks at what its controlled confines meant for the civil society contingent MetaMute Summer/Autumn 2003.

David Miller, Interview on propaganda and Private Jessica Lynch in story for NIN in Belgrade. Nenad Savic 'Pricóaj mi lazói!' ('Tell me lies!) Nin, 18 November

'Mr. Bush Goes to London' News Release Institute for Public Accuracy,Ê November 17, 2003

David Miller interviewed by Denis Bernstein for 'Flashpoints' on KPFA independent radio, Berkeley CA, at 5.10 PM Bay area time(9.10 PM GMT).

David Miller interviewed by Pierre Bourque on the "The World According to Mark" 580 CFRA AM- CHUM Radio Ottawa, Canada, 3.10pm 17 November 2003.

David Miller interviewed by David Leibowitz on 'Real Life with David Leibowitz' NewsRadio 620 KTAR, the top rated news/talk station in Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona,11:15 a.m. EST, 18 November 2003.

David Miller interview on 'AM UnWrapped' with Chris Askew, WAOK AM 1380, morning drive program, Atlanta, Georgia. 18 November 2003, 7am EST.

Miller, D. (2003) 'Les Medias et les Guerres', Seminar address at the European Social Forum, La Villette, Paris,15 November, 9-12.

US accused of hypocrisy over reporter deaths by Roshan Muhammed Salih ¥ Wednesday October 01, 2003 at 08:23 PM Senior American officials have been accused of hypocrisy after a ceremony to honour US journalists killed during the country's "war on terror". However, David Miller, author of Tell Me Lies - Propaganda and Media Distortion in the Attack on Iraq, criticised the exclusion of slain foreign journalists from the ceremony. US accused of hypocrisy over reporter deaths Indymedia Vancouver

David Miller (2003) 'Hutton, propaganda and the War in Iraq', Three-D, Magazine of MECCSA, Issue 2, October: 3-5.

David Miller (2003) 'Propaganda and the "Terror Threat" in the UK', Media Education Journal, Issue 34, Autumn: 31-33.

Greg Philo discussed his chapter in the book on Radio Four's Thinking Allowed, 17 September 2003,

David Miller, 'Dresura Bi-Bi-Sija' interview for Nin, Belgrade political weekly magazine, on Iraq, the BBC and the government, NENAD SAVIC«, 14 August 2003. 'Dr Dejvid Miler sa Stirling univerziteta u Sókotskoj jedan je od najpoznatijih medijskih istoricóara u Velikoj Britaniji. U svojoj akademskoj karijeri bio je na svojstven nacóin hronicóar pada britanskog pluralizma za vreme rezóima Margaret Tacóer, a kao jednu od svojih uzóih specijalnosti navodi istorijat Bi-Bi-Sija i odnos ovog javnog servisa sa vladom Velike Britanije. Njegova najnovija knjiga ÒTell me liesÓ (Pluto) izlazi u oktobru i bavi se funkcionisanjem britanske propagande za vreme poslednjeg rata u Iraku'.

David Miller interview on WPKN Playlist, 18 July 2003, WPKN listener supported radio, Bridgeport, Connecticut

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JULY 17, 2003 1:08ÊPM CONTACT: ÊInstitute for Public Accuracy 'Mr. Blair Goes to Washington'




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