• Narzanin Massoumi (University of Liverpool), Tom Mills (Aston University) and David Miller (University of Bath) spoke at the Racisms and political mobilisations conference, (UEL, 19-20 January 2017). Thanks to Gargi Bhattacharyya, Satnam Virdee and Aaron Winter.


  • Narzanin Massoumi, Tom Mills & David Miller spoke at New Racisms II: Neoliberalism and its Others, 'Contesting racialisation: Islamophobia, social movements and the practice of the state', University of Sussex, Centre for Cultural Studies (9-10 June 2016). Thanks to Naaz Rashid and Malcolm James. 

  • David Miller spoke in a session on ‘Prevent as an attack on dissent’ at Prevent, Islamophobia and Civil Liberties National Conference (Saturday 4 June, 2016). 11am – 6pm. Goldsmiths, University of London.

  • David Miller spoke at 'How Expert Are the Terrorism Experts?', Bath Royal Literary & Scientific Institution (19 April 2016). 

  • David spoke at the Youth Radicalisation Conference organised by Bristol Somali Forum  @ City Academy, Lawrence Hill, Bristol, (9 April 2016). 

  • David Miller spoke at a Students not Suspects event held at Bristol University (17 March 2016).

  • David Miller - Scotland/UK/UE lobbying regulations: a comparison (Colloque international: Lobbying et groupes d’intérêt au cœur du champ européen du pouvoir), à Sciences Po Lyon, dans l’amphithéâtre Leclair (10-11 March 2016).



  • Professor David Miller (Department of Social & Policy Sciences) gives a keynote talk entitled: Challenging policy makers and democratic reform - an alternative kind of impact?, (5 November 2014).

  • David Miller was a keynote speaker at the International Conference of Power and Counter-power. Department of English at the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences, University of Tunis I, (3-5 April 2015).

  • David Miller, 'Disembedded elites? Policy communications and the transformation of elite networks.', Inaugural lecture, University of Bath (19 March 2014).


  • David Miller participated in a panel on the 'Corporate capture of health' at the Medact conference, 'Robin Brook Centre’ St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. Podcast of the Session. (9 November 2013).

  • David Miller, Lucy Brown and Matthias Schloegl The Science Media Centre: An empirical evaluation; Paper given at 8th Annual Science in Public Conference on ‘Critical Perspectives on Making Science Public’, The University of Nottingham. (22-23 July 2013).

  • David Miller and Claire Harkins, Researching the Researcher: Conflicts of Interest in Addiction Research & Advocacy Paper given at 8th Annual Science in Public Conference on ‘Critical Perspectives on Making Science Public’, The University of Nottingham. (22-23 July 2013).

  • Matthias Schloegl, Dieter Plehwe and David Miller, The intellectuals of capital?: Towards a political sociology of the World Economic Forum, Paper 8th International Interpretive Policy Analysis Conference, University of Vienna, Austria. (4 July 2013).

  • David Miller gave a presentation on lobbying, neoliberalism and corruption at the conference How corrupt is Britain?  University of Liverpool. (10 May 2013).

  • David Miller presented a paper on the limitations of the concept of 'moral panic', at 'Policing the Crisis – 35 years on', Crime and Conflict Research Centre, Middlesex University. (28 March 2013).

  • David Miller spoke at the Frome Stop The War Campaign event 'Intervention, War and the Media', Rook Lane Chapel, Bath Street, Frome. BA11 1DN, 7 February 2013:

  • David Miller gave a presentation on 'Countering terrorism' at the Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, Queen Square, Bath. (29 January 2013).


  • David Miller delivered a seminar at the Division of Sociology, Social Policy & Applied Social Sciences at Southampton University on ‘Think tanks, Islam and disembedded expertise’. (29 November 2012).

  • David Miller Humanitarian interventions: reframing the war on terror - Media And War Conference, Goldsmiths College, London. (17 November 2012):

  • David Miller Disembedded Power Elites? The reconfiguration of ruling networks Keynote address at Qui Gouverne Conference (Poitiers, France). (15-17 November 2012).

  • David Miller presented a seminar at the School of Journalism Media and Cultural Studies in Cardiff titled ‘How ideas about terrorism and Islam are mobilised: Think tanks, expertise and policy.’ (7 November 2012).

  • David Miller presented his work with Claire Harkins to the Helsinki thematic meeting of the Kettil Bruun society. In the meeting, titled ‘ Addiction: What is the added value of the concept today’, they delivered papers on public funding of think tanks attacking public health, as well as the role of the alcohol industry in shaping European Commission policy on public health. These papers contained the first findings from the ALICE RAP FP7 project. (14-17 October 2012).


  • David Miller speaking at an ALICE RAP meeting in Barcelona, May 2011:




  • David Miller, “Manufacturing Compliance: The Propaganda Model, media and social change” Plenary address at Twenty Years at the Margins: The Herman-Chomsky Propaganda Model and Critical Media and Communication Studies, 1988-2008 Northumbria University Politics and History Division, School of Arts and Social Sciences, Newcastle, (19 December 2008).

  • David gave the keynote address on ‘Lobbying and Power in the neoliberal age’ at the Colloque International to Minorities and Power in the English-Speaking World conference/Minorités et pouvoir dans les pays Anglophones 20-22 November 2008, University of Caen (Normandy), Salle du Conseil, Batiment Lettres Esplanade de la Paix, Caen, France. (20 November 2008).

  • David addressed a meeting in the House of Commons, 'Averting the Next Crisis: Why transparency in lobbying matters' organised by the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency (www.lobbyingtransparency.org). Chaired by David Hencke, Westminster correspondent, The Guardian, other speakers were Robbie MacDuff, Chair, Association of Professional Political Consultants, Robert Siddall, CEO, Airport Operators Association, Peter Facey, Director, Unlock Democracy, Guido Fawkes, prominent Westminster blogger. The meeting was reported by former BBC journalist, Nick Jones, on Spinwatch. (5 November 2008).

  • David gave an address on Freedom of Information at Civil Society and freedom of information – a missed opportunity? at the Graham Hills Building 50 Richmond St Glasgow, Scotland G1 1XU. (30 September 2008). 

  • David was an invited panellist at the 'Will Lobbyists Come Clean?' debate on ethics and transparency in lobbyingheld as a Public fringe event at the Labour Party conference 2008. On the panel : John Grogan MP; Prof David Miller, Director of SpinWatch, a member of the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency; Jon McLeod, Chairman, UK Public Affairs at Weber Shandwick; Stephen Kingston, Editor of the Salford Star, an award-winning, grassroots magazine; Chair: Nigel Pivaro, formerly played Terry Duckworth in Coronation Street, now a journalist. John Tocher Room The Mechanics Institute 103 Princess Street Manchester, M1 6DD Alliance for Lobbying Transparency Website: http://www.lobbyingtransparency.org Watch on Youtube: David Miller (Spinwatch) discusses lobbying at the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency fringe meeting at the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, 22 September 2008. Youtube video. (22 September 2008).
  • Invited address on ‘Lobby-Paradies Brüssel –Wie der Lobbyismus in Europa wirklich funktioniert?’ Prof. David Miller (University of Strathclyde, Department of Geography and Sociology) at the conference aorganised by netzwerk recherche Fachkonferenz In der Lobby brennt noch Licht“ Lobbyismus als Schatten-Management in Politik und Medien, Berlin (19. - 20. September 2008). 
    Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Hiroshimastr. 17, 10785 Berlin. Full Programme.

  • David presented a paper on 'The Rise of Terror Expertise' in a panel on Propaganda and Spin in the War on Terror at the SCAR international conference Reconsidering Conflict, Terror and Resolution September 11th & 12th, 2008 University of Strathclyde Glasgow. also on the panel, chaired by Dr Rogelia Pastor-Castro were Tom Mills, 'Locating the most Influential Terror Experts' and Muhammad Idrees Ahmad, 'Power, Ideology, and Consequence: Iraq, and the Triumph of the Neoconservative Counterestablishment'. (12 September 2008).

  • David gave the Keynote Lecture on 'Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Strategy' International Conference: Public Participation and Corporate Social Responsibility: from why to how at University of Strathclyde (27-29 August 2008).

  • William Dinan and David Miller, editors of Thinker, Faker, Spinner, Spy, and co-founders of spinwatch.org uncover the PR trade and Adrian Monck gave an insider's view of the forces that shape our media. Chaired by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. From 7:00pm - 9:00pm Spiegeltent Charlotte Square Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 Website: http://www.edbookfest.co.uk/ (21 August 2008).

  • David gave a talk about spin propaganda and the war on terror. Friends Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, Edinburgh (8 April 2008).

  • David was invited to address a meeting organised by the Public Relations and Information Industrial Council of the National Union of Journalists and the Northern Ireland Government Affairs Group Grosvenor House, Glengall Street, Belfast. Other speakers included Will Chambre of Chambre Public Affairs and NIGAG, David Gordon of the Belfast Telegraph who exposed the conflicts of interest which resulted in Iain Paisley Jr. resigning his ministerial post. (3 April 2008).

  • David gave a talk at the Conference on Scottish Government’s Scottish Futures Trust Consultation. This was organised by the SNP Trade Union Group and Association of Nationalist Councillors. Other speakers included Professor Allyson Pollock Head of the Centre for International Public Health Policy at the University of Edinburgh; Margaret and Jim Cuthbert, Independent Economic Analysts; Professor Mike Danson, University of West of Scotland Business School; Professor Christine Cooper, University of Strathclyde Business School; Dave Moxham, Deputy General Secretary, Scottish Trade Union Congress. (1 March 2008).

  • David Miller and William Dinan gave evidence before the Public Administration Select Committee on their inquiry into lobbying in Westminster. Listen to it here. (24 January 2008).


  • William Dinan and David Miller submitted evidence to the House of Commons Public Administration Select Committee inquiry on lobbying. (27 September 2007).

  • David attended a seminar entitled Implications of the ‘War on Terror’ organised by the Islamic Human Rights Commission. (28 February 2007).


  • David presented a paper written with William Dinan which the Council of Europe published on its website as a Working Paper: William Dinan/David Miller: Transparency in EU decision making, holding corporations to account: Why the ETI needs mandatory lobbying disclosure. Available in PDF. (December 2006).

  • David was invited by the Council of Europe as an Expert Witness on lobbying and transparency to address the Octopus Interface Conference on Corruption, 20 – 21 November 2006 Council of Europe Palais de l’Europe, Strasbourg, France. (20-21 November 2006).

  • David invited paper at the ‘Is it time for a Critical Terrorism Studies’, Conference supported by the ESRC and BISA, Manchester University. (27 October 2006).

  • David was invited to give a presentation on Nuclear spin to the Cross Party Group on the Civil Nuclear Industry, Scottish Parliament. (25 October 2006).

  • David presented a paper titled ‘On Not Knowing Capitalism: For a Sociology of Corporate Power’ at the 16th World Congress of Sociology, Durban, South Africa, The Quality of Existence in a Globalising World. (23-29 July 2006).

  • David gave an invited talk at the Dublin Institute of Technology on Media misinformation, propaganda and corporate spin. (25 March 2006)

  • David travelled to Dublin to discuss his foreword on British propaganda today at the launch of The Origin and Organisation of British Propaganda in Ireland 1920, a book by Brian Murphy. together with the author and chaired by Danny Morrison the writer and ex Sinn Fein publicity Director the launch took place in the National Teachers club in Parnell Square Dublin on Friday 24 March. The book is published by the Aubane Historical Society and Spinwatch and is available directly from the Spinwatch Website. (24 March 2006) The launch was reported in the Daily Ireland 'Eerie parallels in new book', 24/03/2006 and 'Book shows British arms strategy in 70s bears an uncanny parallel to Tan War propaganda' (Danny Morrison, 29/03/2006) and on Indymedia Ireland Website

  • David was an invited speaker at a conference organised by the Swiss Journalism School and the European Journalism Observatory in Lucerne, Switzerland. David presented a paper titled 'PR as a conspiracy against democracy' at the conference 'PR and journalism: A Complicated, Antagonistic and Symbiotic Affair'. (17-18 March 2006).

  • David participated in a Brussels briefing 'Opening the Black Box: Transparency In EU Decision Making' organised by ALTER-EU to which David is an advisor. (January 2006).



  • David gave a talk on the ‘Blair-Bush Agenda’, at The Global Justice conference, Belfast  (22 October 2005).

  • David gave a lecture and ran a workshop on EU lobbying to a conference for business journalists from Accession countries in Vilnius, Lithuania (13 October 2005).

  • David gave a plenary talk on ‘fighting the propaganda of the war on terror’ at the Scotland Against Criminalising Communities annual conference, Leith Academy, Edinburgh. (1 October 2005).

  • Respect MP George Galloway, and Professor David Miller of the Department of Geography & Sociology spoke at an event organized by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign entitled "Palestine is Still the Issue". The event was co-sponsored by the Department of Geography & Sociology, Muslim Association of Britain, Glasgow Stop the War Coalition and the General Union of Palestinian Students. The speakers addressed an audience of over 200, far exceeding the halls maximum capacity, and reaffirmed the centrality of Palestine to the global struggle for justice. They also addressed the sustained propaganda campaign and the mystification of the issues surrounding the conflict by Israel's apologists to prevent a resolution. (30 September 2005).

  • David Miller and William Dinan were closely involved in organising the G8 Alternatives Summit on 3rd July in Edinburgh at the Usher Hall, Queens Hall and Edinburgh University. The summit featured leading academics, authors and activists from all over the world. It was a huge success and attracted around 5000 people to the biggest indoor political event hosted in Scotland. More details at G8 Alternatives. The summit was reported by the BBC, The Guardian, and various other news outlets and newswires around the globe. David chaired the closing rally of the summit in the Usher Hall and also addressed a meeting on 'Resisting Neoliberal Media’, with the General Secretary of the NUJ Jeremy Dear, Granville Williams of the campaign for Press and Broadcasting freedom (and a visiting fellow in the Department), the prize-winning film maker Danny Schechter from New York, and Peter Murray from BBC Scotland.

  • David gave the following talks on his new book Arguments Against G8:
    • Book Launch at NUJ headquarters, Grays Inn Road, London, with contributors Sam Ashman and Mark Curtis, 18 April.
    • Meeting at the Scottish Parliament with Gill Hubbard (co-editor) and contributors Tommy Sheridan MSP and Bob Crow (Gen Sec of the RMT), 20 April.
    • G8 Alternatives meeting in Aytoun Hall, Auchterarder, Perthshire, 7pm, 20 April.
    • Conference on Africa: Voices of Resistance, Glasgow Caledonian University, 23rd April, with Kirstie Shirra of the World Development Movement.
    • A meeting on Make Poverty History, 5pm 27 March University of Manchester Students Union, with Michael Meacher MP, Sarah Blakemore, Oxfam, Mark Curtis, World Development Movement and Chris Nineham, Stop the War Coalition.
    • News From Nowhere bookshop in Liverpool 7.30pm 27 March.

  • William Dinan and David Miller led a guided tour in Edinburgh, with Lucy Michaels of Corporate Watch. This tour coincided with the G8 Alternatives summit and explored the relationship between the G8, Scotland plc and corporate globalization. Green MSP Mark Ballard participated in a question and answer session at the end of this tour outside the Scottish Parliament. (1 July 2005).

  •  Will Dinan and David Miller gave a paper titled: ‘Lessons from the campaign to register lobbyists in Scotland’ to the Transparency Initiative seminar at Scotland House, Rond-Point Schuman in Brussels on 7 April. They also wrote to Siim Kallas, vice-president of the EU Commission on the 27 April regarding the Transparency Initiative. (7 April 2005).

  • David Miller and William Dinan co-convened with Corporate Europe Observatory an international networking meeting on the European Transparency Initiative at Scotland House in Brussels(7 April 2005).

  • David was a witness on Media Wrongs against the citizens of the coalition at the Rome Session of the World Tribunal on Iraq, University of Rome Tre,  (http://www.worldtribunal.org/Events/roma.htm). (13 February 2005). The hearings, before an international panel of jurists, received wide coverage in the Italian press and broadcast media. It was also covered in some sections of the English language media, including:
  • David gave a guest lecture at the Centre for Middle East Studies at Edinburgh University about propaganda and the Occupation of Iraq. (8 February 2005).

  • David gave an invited seminar on ‘Academics and Power’ to the School of Law and Social Sciences, Magee campus, university of Ulster, Derry. (28 January 2005).

  • David gave an invited talk on ‘Aid, Debt and the G8’ at Queens University, Belfast. (27 January 2005).



  • David gave an invited presentation and led a workshop on the media and the occupation of Iraq at Occupation and Resistance in Iraq: An International Teach-in, at the University of London Union, Malet Street, London WC1 (5 December 2004). For more information see: http://www.iraqoccupationfocus.org.uk/teachin/

  • David gave a talk on propaganda in Iraq at a public meeting in St Andrews (22 November 2004).

  • David was invited to present a paper in a session on 'Spindoctors Unmasked'/ 'Spindokters ontmaskerd' at the 2004 Investigative journalism conference, in Rotterdam organised by the VVOJ (the Netherlands/Belgian investigative journalsits association). The session was chaired by one of the departments PhD students Eveline Lubbers and the other speaker was Frank van Vree, University of Amsterdam (20 November 2004).

  • David was invited to participate in a one day conference organised by the Crisis forum at Southampton University. He spoke about the role of public relations, think tanks and corporate front groups in distorting debate on climate change. Crisis Forum Website.The forum agreed to write to the THES and to Nature (Website: http://www.crisis-forum.org.uk/events/ccandhumanity_index.php), highlighting the concerns raised at the meeting. (12 November 2004).

  • David gave the closing Keynote address 'Terror and errors’ to the international conference on ‘The error in “Terrorism”? Political violence and the media’, Southampton institute (11-12 November 2004).

  • David gave a talk on civil liberties, propaganda and the ‘war on terror’ at a public meeting hosted by Edinburgh Stop the War in Edinburgh (1 November 2004).

  • David participated in a panel discussion in the closing plenary of The World Development Movement conference, Small World, Big Challenge 2004, Central Hall, Tollcross, Edinburgh. Also on the panel were Kirstie Shirra, head of WDM Scotland and Des McNulty MSP. (30 October 2004).

  • David was invited to give a presentation on ‘Corporate involvement in education’ Lunchtime Seminar, Faculty of Education, Jordanhill. (27 October 2004).

  • David attended the European Social Forum in London (14-17 October 2004). On the 15th he and other colleagues from SpinWatch (http://www.spinwatch.org) led a ‘spinwalk’ around ten key PR and lobbying consultancies and corporate front groups. The walk was reported in the Guardian and in PR Week (Angry protests halt ESF Iraq debate Hélène Mulholland at the European Social Forum in London, The Guardian, Monday October 18, 2004). On the 16th David spoke at a seminar on ‘war lies’ organised by the National Union of Journalists with Patrick Kamenka, from Agence France Press, Stefano Marcello of RAI the Italian broadcaster and Aidan White, the General Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists. The seminar was reported in the Journalist magazine (November 2004) and The Guardian. (ESF closes with mass protest Matthew Tempest at the European Social Forum in London, The Guardian, Monday October 18, 2004).

  • David gave an invited presentation on ‘corporate power in Scotland’ and led a discussion following the screening of an extended trailer of Mark Achbar’s film The Corporation at the Doc:2 Human Rights Documentary Festival, UGC, Renfield St, Glasgow (19 September 2004). (Website: http://www.variant.randomstate.org/doc2/PDFs/A4Sunday.pdf)

  • David gave an invited presentation on ‘strategies for eliminating discrimination in the media’ to the Civic Forum / Forum on discrimination conference, Glasgow Caledonian University (28 August 2004). Website: http://www.civicforum.org.uk/
  • David gave an invited presentation on ‘Governance under Neo-liberalism: the Decline of Democracy?’ at the launch of the Cullen Centre for Risk and Governance, Glasgow Caledonian University (27 August 2004).

  • David gave an invited lecture on ‘The media and the Middle East’ on Palestine day at the Féile an Phobail/West Belfast Festival, St Mary's University College, Belfast (4 August 2004).

  • Invited talk at Arab and Western TV Coverage of the War in Iraq: the Continuing Debate, The Centre of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies of the University of Cambridge Cambridge (19-21 March 2004).

  • David gave a lecture at Mainstream Media Bias & The ‘Propoganda Model’. Speakers included Yvonne Ridley, Richard Keeble, Fuad Nahdi, Hilary Wainwright, Conway Hall, London (28 February 2004).

  • David gave a talk at the Arab Media Watch event on "Tell Me Lies" Speakers included Tim Llewellyn Former BBC Middle East correspondent, Brian Whittaker, Middle East editor of The Guardian. Chair: Sharif Hikmat, Arab Media Watch director. Khalili Lecture Theatre The School of Oriental and African Studies, London (23 February 2004).

  • David was invited to participate in the 'Research conversation' on 'Propaganda and power after Hutton' with Daya Thussu, Goldsmith college, London (23 February 2004).



  • David 'Les Medias et les Guerres', Seminar address with representatives from Media Workers Against the War, Humanite, Volkstimme, Neues Deutschland, Panos Institute and Le Monde diplomatique, at the European Social Forum, La Villette, Paris (15 November 2013).

  • David 'System Failure: It's not just the media, it¹s the whole bloody system' Can¹t Vote, Won¹t Vote. Are the Media to Blame for Political Disengagement? Goldsmiths College, University of London (6 November 2003).

  • David gave an address on 'Propaganda and the War on terror' to the 'Meeting of Minds: Comparing Migrant Experiences across ethnic groups', organised by the Women on Ireland, London.

  • David gave an address on 'The Civil Contingencies Secretariat and propaganda in the "war on terror"' to The Fake Emergency, a meeting called by the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom, the National Union of Journalists and the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities, NUJ headquarters, Headland House, London (11 September 2003). Other speakers included the solicitor Gareth Peirce, the Home Affairs Editor of the Observer, Martin Bright, the writer Mike Marqusee and Les Levidow of the Campaign Against Criminalising Communities.





  • David Miller gave a talk about propaganda and PR on a panel on Propaganda wars with John Stauber and Peter Phillips, at the Alternative News Media Exposition and Press Freedom Conference, San Francisco State University (29 April 2001).



  • David presented his (invited) paper on ‘The media, public relations and the “truth” about science’ and was discussion panellist at the Royal Society of Edinburgh conference on 'Public confidence in Biomedical Science' (30 May 2000).

  • David presented his (invited) paper on ‘Media power in the 21st Century’ at Catalyst Arts Festival, Belfast (2 May 2000).

  • Schlesinger, P., Miller, D. and Dinan, W. invited paper ‘Institutional change and political communication in Scotland’ at ESRC seminar on Institutional Change in Scotland and Wales, Edinburgh University (28 April 2000).

  • David presented his (invited) seminar paper on ‘Scottish Devolution and Information management’, Department of Media Studies, University of Ulster, Coleraine (5 April 2000).

  • David presented his (invited) paper ‘the Media, public relations and the Good Friday Agreement’, at the Cleraun Conference on the Media, Dublin (12-13 February 2000).

  • David presented his (invited) paper ‘Media power and Class Power’ at the Oslo seminar on Political Communication, Oslo (4-5 February 2000).



  • David presented his (invited) paper ‘Representation of conflict in Northern Ireland’ at the Perspectives on Irish Identity in the Twentieth Century, The Research Institute of Irish and Scottish Studies, University of Aberdeen (6 November 1999).

  • David presented his (invited) paper ‘European Public Relations’ to the Transnational Communication in Europe: Practice and Research, Confederation of European Public Relations International Congress Berlin (28-31 October 1999).

  • Miller, D. and Schlesinger P. (1999) ‘Public relations and changing communicative space in Europe’ International Association for Media and Communication Research annual Conference, Leipzig (July 1999).

  • David was invited to participate in the BSA annual conference, For Sociology, held at Glasgow University, where he gave a lecture on ‘Sociology and Promotional Culture’, and sat on the special panel on ‘Media and Cultural Power’. (6-9 April 1999).



  • Miller, David and Dinan, William(1998) ‘Public Relations and Promotional Culture: The development of the PR industry in Britain 1979-1998’ Paper presented to the 21st Scientific Conference and General Assembly of the International Association for Media and Communication Research, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow (26-30 July 1998).
  • Beattie, L., Miller, E., Miller, D. and Philo, G. (1998) ‘The Zaire rebellion and the British media’, published as a background paper to the ‘Dispatches from Disaster Zones’ conference, London (28 May 1998).



  • David presented his paper ’Researching the Powerful’ to the ESRC ‘Media culture and Media Economic’ Workshop on ‘Political communication and Democracy’, Stirling Management Centre (27-28 November 1997).

  • David presented his paper ‘Trends in Political Public Relations’ to the ESRC ‘Media culture and Media Economic’ Workshop on ‘Political communication and Democracy’, Stirling Management Centre (27-28 November 1997).

  • Miller, David and Macintyre, Sally (1997) ‘Risk Communication: The Relationships between the Media, Public Beliefs and Policy-Making’, paper for the Chief Medical Officer’s conference on Risk Communication and Public Health, Royal College of Surgeons, London (18 November 1997).



  • Miller, David ‘Sliced Bread and Censorship’ paper at Feile An Phobail An Loiste Uir, Ashton Centre, New Lodge, Belfast (5 August 1996).



  • Miller, David (1995) ‘The rise and fall of health issues: the role of the media’, LilybankSeminar, MRC Medical Sociology Unit, Glasgow (25 October 1995).

  • Miller, David (1995) ‘Northern Ireland and the Media’, The Media and International Security Conference, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Camberley. (27-29 September 1995).

  • Miller, David (1995) 'What's Changed? reporting the peace process in Ireland' paper at Troubled images: The media and Northern Ireland, National Film Theatre, London. (3-5 February 1995).



  • Miller, David, (1994) ‘The rise and fall of social problems: Food safety in Britain’, paper at media seminar, Guildhall University, London (16 December 1994).

  • Miller, David (1994) “media and scientific constructions of the 'gay gene'“, Paper and workshop at Nature and Human Nature, Isle of Thorns, Sussex University (19-20 November 1994).

  • Miller, David (1994) 'The Media and the Gay Gene', Paper for Science in the World Around us, Annual conference of the British Association for the Advancement of Science, Loughborough University (5-9 September 1994).
  • Miller, David (1994) ‘The rise and fall of communicable disease in the media’, briefing presentation to the committee of the Overview of Infections and Communicable Disease’, Public Health Laboratory Service, Colindale, London (31 August 1994).

  • Miller David (1994)Talk to 'After '68', Gasyard Wall Féile, Pilot's Row, Bogside, Derry, (with Bill Rolston, Des Bell, Anne Crilly and Stephen Burke). (13 August 1994).

  • Miller, David (1994) Talk at Censorship and Cinema, Sight and Sound debate, Filmhouse, Edinburgh (27 July 1994).

  • Miller, David and McLaughlin, Greg (1994) 'Reporting the Peace in Ireland' paper for Turbulent Europe, the European Film and Television Studies Conference, National Film Theatre, London (19-22 July 1994).

  • Miller, David, (1994) 'The Historical Development of Fleet Street and the Conflict in Ireland' Paper for The End of Fleet Street? The National Newspaper Industry in Historical Perspective, City University, London (5 February 1994).



  • Miller, David (1993) 'Reporting the Conflict', paper at Conflicting Reports: Reporting the Conflict in Northern Ireland, organised by British-Irish Rights Watch, University of London (20 November 1993).

  • Miller, David (1993) 'Food risks in the media' presentation to the International Consumer Studies Panel, Leatherhead Food Research Association. (2 November 1993).

  • Miller, David and Jacquie Reilly (1993) 'Food and the Media: Explaining Health Scares', Paper presented to Current Research into Eating Practices: Contributions of the Social Sciences, European Interdisciplinary Meeting, Potsdam, Germany [abstract published]. (14-16 October 1993).

  • Miller, David (1993) 'Food and the Media: The reporting of food 'risks'' presentation to Consumers in the Market Place Panel, Campden Food and Drink Research Association, Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire. (12 October 1993).

  • Reilly, Jacquie, and, Miller, David (1993) 'Kitchen Hygiene or Egg Production?: Media explanations of the Salmonella Epidemic',BSA Medical Sociology Group Conference, York University, York, [abstract published]. (September 1993).

  • Miller, David and Jacquie Reilly (1993) 'Extraordinary Popular Delusions, Health Risks, the Media and Social Science', BSA Medical Sociology Group Conference, York University, York [abstract published]. (September 1993).

  • Miller, David and Jacquie Reilly (1993) 'Food and the media: Reporting health scares'The Politics of Food, A one day interdisciplinary seminar, Reading University. (6 July 1993).

  • Miller, David, and Williams, Kevin (1993) 'From Icebergs and Tombstones to Personal Testimony: The AIDS Public Education Campaign, 1986-90', 7th Social Aspects of AIDS Conference, South Bank University (3 July 1993).

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  • Miller, David (1993) 'The Media and Human Rights in Northern Ireland' address to public meeting organised by the Committee on the Administration of Justice, Belfast (8 June 1993).

  • Miller, David, and Peter Beharrell (1993) 'AIDS and Access to Television : how journalists use their sources' Paper presented to Research Imaginations - BSA Annual Conference, Essex University (5-8 April 1993).

  • Miller, David (1993) 'The Media and Human Rights Abuses', paper presented to Northern Ireland Human Rights Conference, Lawyers for Social Responsibility, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada (19-20 March 1993).

  • Miller, David (1993) 'The Media and Human Rights', address to Human Rights and Northern Ireland, conference sponsored by STUC/Liberty, Nalgo House, Glasgow (24 January 1993).



  • Miller, David (1992) 'News From the War Front'ICA Debate, London, Institute for Contemporary Arts. (13 November 1992).

  • Miller, David (1992) 'Understanding 'Terrorism': Audience interpretataions of the televised conflict in Ireland', Paper presented to Broadcast Media in Britain and the US: Access and Control, Fulbright Colloquium, Nottingham University (18-20 September 1992).

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  • Miller, David (1992) 'The British Broadcasting Ban and the Electoral Process', Paper given at the Northern Ireland Human Rights Assembly, Polytechnic of North London. [Abstract and Summary published in Liberty, (1993) Broken Covenants: violations of international law in northern ireland, London: National Council for Civil Liberties.] (6-8 April 1992).

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